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This method will introduce you to a bet that Bookmakers hope you do not know about!!

Designed by professionals this system is so simple to use.Its powerful set of rules drives winners and profits into your betting bank week after week.It wins so fast and with ease, and because it wins so quickly it leaves you with much faster profits for you to bank or re-invest into the selections!

We are going to introduce you to a little known secret - this is quite correct, a secret known to only a very limited few! This secret that we are going to enable you to be privy about is a secret about a bet that the bookies hope you do not know about.This secret will be revealed to you when you purchase this powerful system

For years, the staff at betting offices have been told to be wary of customers who regularly place this type of bet and once you purchase this method, you should ensure that you use several bookmakers because if you place this bet at the same bookmakers on a daily basis you will soon be barred - that is a cast iron certainty.

This incredible system works and pinpoints massive payouts on a regular basis.Rich pickings are assurued with the technology used by this system.We have picked up MONTHLY WINNINGS of thousands of pounds and rest assured you will be doing the same, week in week out.All selections are clearly named and there is no stupidity like waiting for shows of betting, increasing stakes after losers and similar tripe - no way!

All selections are named and bets can be placed hours before racing.All recipients of this method will be backing the same bets and picking up the same amount of winnings, although naturally the bigger your stakes, the bigger your winnings.We have had terrific winnings of thousands of pounds in recent months.

Once armed with this system, you will send shivers down the spine of the manager of your local bookmakers.Named horses which he knows will have a temendous chance of winning. How does he know? Quite simple - he has been warned by his head office to be on his guard with this type of bet. Speaks for itself,does it not? You will be able to see from day one of operation
that this method works! If you are particularly sceptical, simply check out the rules of the system from previous copies of your local daily paper and you will see the potential of this money spinner.

£3,768 Betting £10 stakes in its first year!
£37,690 Betting £100 stakes  in first year!

This system is one of a new breed of systems from Confidential Publishing that have been intensively researched,tried and tested.

Double Tested for You!

Being even more careful we tested this system for a period of 1 year before we offered it for sale but we have held off from releasing the system to make absolutely sure it will continue to profit for you year after year.You can see what we made using the system from the figures above in its first year.Well we continued testing for another 6 months and the method carried on winning to the tune of:

£1,649 Betting £10 stakes!
£16,490 Betting £100 Stakes!

  • Extremely Simple and Clear to Operate
  • Double Tested by our team of experts for you
  • £37,690 Profit for its users in year one
  • Takes all the hard work out of betting and free up your time to do as you please
  • Designed by Professionals
  • All selections named and bets can be placed hours before racing starts
  • Monthly profits

We are that confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our brand new product, that we invite you to try the system for a period of 30 days and if in that time you are not fully satisfied this system will make you massive long term profits we will refund your money, no questions asked.

This is a 24/7 fully automated delivery service
so whatever time of day it is you are only
minutes away from getting started!

"How Would You Like To Quadruple Your Betting Profits At Glorious Goodwood?"


One of the most prestigious and popular horse racing meetings on the calendar Glorious Goodwood gets underway on Tuesday 1st August for five Incredible days!

Not only is this meeting famous for all the tradition, but also it’s MASSIVE for some of the biggest professional punters in the UK where they hit the bookmakers satchels HARD and really clean up!

Today you are invited to join my clients in one of those influential professional gambles for a MASSIVE  potential via this Goodwood Festival.

Over £3,000 could be yours for just a £15 outlay. We are privy to some incredible inside information on four horses that are due to run at Glorious Goodwood. A £1 Lucky 15 (£15) would return an amazing £3,000+ at estimated prices. With the incredible information I have access to we are very confident of giving the bookmakers a real pasting!

Recently our clients combined won in access of £1 million from a similar golden job plot gamble at last years Cheltenham Festival! 

With the help of our loyal clients we plan to hit the bookmakers even harder this time. We have done it before and we will do it again! This is your chance to be involved in a well planned and audacious betting coup.

I have been involved in the horse racing industry for over 20 years and have many contacts around the U.K’s training centres giving us access to the very best information. I really hope you can join us and be part of something very special. 

I have tracked 100’s of horses and have identified some really big profit pulling horses to land gambles at the big Horse Racing Festival Meetings. This gamble will be released to a small audience with the sole aim to really hit those bookies hard!

Last year at Glorious Goodwood I gave my regular clients one of my Lucky 15 bets

Below is the lucky 15 I shared...

Fire Fighting - M Johnston - A Kirby - 8/1CF

Ulysses - Sir M Stoute - A Atzeni - 9/2

Mehmas - R Hannon - F Dettori - 7/2

Take Cover - D Griffiths - D Allan - 8/1


All four horses won and made those on the bet a MASSIVE + £3,931.00 points profit!

PS It would be great to have you involved in this years Glorious Goodwoods EXCLUSIVE Lucky 15 bet

PPS. You won't believe the deal we have struck for our readers so do take a look ASAP. As you'll see the work involved here is immense yet you'll get an offer that is simply too good to miss!

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